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"I had to let you know about my recent experience to SEFCU with Mrs. Taylor's Home and Career classes. It was bar none, the BEST Field trip I ever helped with. The people at SEFCU should be commended. They opened their business up to the children, in every way possible. The kids were so impressed. I was impressed! "

Carol Brown Parent - Volunteer

"I was so impressed with the SEFCU job shadow experience that my husband and I are switching our banking to them as soon as they get their Malta branch up and running. Even the President of the SEFCU took the time to answer questions from the children. Junior Achievement is such an awesome program! We are lucky to be involved. Thanks again for what you do. "

Carol Brown Parent _ Volunteer

"This will be my sixth year teaching a JA program (first and now second grade, all with the same teacher). The materials are very well thought-out and put together, and the kids really enjoy the lessons learned."

Ricki Shapiro Communications Coordinator, GE Global Research

"One memorable take-away from last year's class was a student who understood that even though she had voted for a particular new business to "move into" the neighborhood, because another business received more votes from other students, that was the selected business. And she understood how that could be applied to "real" life. Great lesson! "

"As a teacher it makes my job so much easier when I can demonstrate that what is being taught will have a direct impact on what they will be doing when they leave school. Every exposure in the "real world" helps in the process. Your organization skills made it so much easier for me."

Kevin Fottrell Teacher - Job Shadow Program, South Colonie
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