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Share your Experience

"A wonderful experience. Mrs.McLaughlin was great, and the kids really seemed to enjoy the program. I plan to volunteer again next year. "

Stephen Ziembiec Americas Quality Leader, Momentive Performance Materials

"Just wanted to let you know that Steve (or as we know him in kindergarten, Mr. Z) finished today. He did a great job with my kids and they thought he was awesome!! He even said he'd be back next year since he had such a fun time."

Margaret McLaughlin Teacher, Turnpike Elementary

"Karen Gomez was phenomenal and I hope to work with her again next year, if possible... She taught the children so much and shared a lot with them. "

Dana Crobok Teacher, Turnpike Elementary

"I am extremely pleased with the JA program this year. I like the way the program reviews money with the children, encourages saving money and working together. I was especially impressed with our GE volunteer, Mr. Sato Atsuchi. He came in each day and the children were ecstatic to see him. He brought in extra activities to enhance the JA program. "

Julia Pyzik Teacher, Elmer Avenue School

"I truly enjoy working wtih the students. Everyday I went to teach the JA lesson the students really worked at learning as much as they could. I also enjoyed parting with wisdom I have learned over the years to assist these young adults into making their lives more rewarding and less stressful."

Lateefah Hafeez Manufacturing Engineer, Owens Corning
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