Overview & Time Commitment


JA volunteers bring a real world perspective to the youth in our community.  As a classroom volunteer, you will lead discussions and activities to encourage the understanding of teamwork and leadership in your class.


What other responsibilities does a JA volunteer have?


Volunteers must also agree to sign, and abide by, Junior Achievement's Volunteer

Code of  Conduct Policy. They must also participate in a training orientation prior to beginning the program and be available to work with students during the normal school day. Classroom volunteers follow lesson plans developed by JA, but their greatest contribution is the sharing of their life experiences with the students.


Time Commitment Chart

Program Level Frequency Preparation Class Visit



30-45 minutes before each class

30-45 min

Middle / High


45 min to 1 hr before each class

45-55 min

**All new volunteers are required to attend a training session.


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