Much is written and discussed about the need to help students understand the importance of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness. But what kind of impact can possession of these skills have on your life? 

Think about it. What are you going to be when you grow up? How much education will you need to pull it off? Where are you going to live? What are you going to drive? How much will all of it cost you?  What about your credit?  These questions are part of all the serious stuff you need to ask yourself.

We ask volunteers to come into your classroom and talk about important "real world" issues. The programs each volunteer uses are specifically designed to help you begin preparing for a successful future - and to understand that there is no limit to your potential.

The JA My Way - Student Center  website is your guide to creating awesome resumes, finding the perfect career, managing your money and more! Take a Personality Quiz and register to see which careers fit your personality. Find out how to save for college, buy a car and file your taxes. Create an awesome resume or start your own business. Jump start your life by visiting JA My Way.