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High School

As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. With a range of different programs, Junior Achievement teaches about concepts relating to entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and work readiness. The volunteers bring real-life business experience and guidance into the classroom at a time that represents an essential crossroads for young people.

The following are the High School Programs of Junior Achievement:

JA Be Entrepreneurial

The challenge - start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. This program dispels entrepreneurial myths, gives students the essential tools to develop a business plan, and the inspiration to take the innovative action and successfully compete in the world's marketplace. The volunteer makes 7 visits to the classroom.

JA Company Program - Blended Model

JA unlocks the innate ability in students to fill a need or solve a problem in their community by launching a business venture—unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit. Each of the program’s 13 meetings is divided into a Company Ops and Deeper Dive activity. The Company Ops is that portion of the meeting during which students build and manage their business. During the Deeper Dive, students work individually or in groups to take a closer look at a business-related topic. (Grades 9-12)

JA Economics

JA examines the fundamental concepts of micro, macro, and international economics. Seven required, volunteer-led sessions take place during the semester long course.

JA Exploring Economics

JA fosters lifelong skills and knowledge about how an economy works, including micro-, macro-, personal and international economics. Seven required, volunteer-led sessions.

JA Career Success

JA equips students with the knowledge required to get and keep a job in high-growth industries. Students will explore the crucial workplace skills employers seek but often find lacking in young employees. Students also will learn about valuable tools to find that perfect job, including resumes, cover letters, and interviewing techniques.

JA Titan

JA introduces critical economics and management decisions through an interactive simulation. Seven required, volunteer-led sessions.

JA Personal Finance

JA introduces students to the importance of making wise financial decisions through five volunteer led topics. The program demonstrates the importance of planning, goal-setting, and thoughtful decision-making within the context of personal financial decisions.

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